Digital Dialogues: with Sally Sheinman & Andrea Hadley-Johnson

From: 6th July 2020 3:30 pm

To: 6th July 2020 4:30 pm



CVAN EM Director Elizabeth Hawley-Lingham talks to Northampton-based artist Sally Sheinman & National Justice Museum's Artistic Programme Manager Andrea Hadley-Johnson






Join CVAN EM Director Elizabeth Hawley-Lingham as she talks to Northampton-based artist Sally Sheinman and Creative Producer Andrea Hadley-Johnson about their practice and their project linking the National Justice Museum and Nottingham Prison. Sally and Andrea are both contributors to CVAN EM’s interview series Meet the Artist and Curating the East Midlands.

Sally Sheinman is a prolific painter with an interest in contemporary technology and its potential uses in art production. She is a conscientious artist with a deep concern for communities (past, present and mythical), people, science and the role of the individual as a contextual starting point for creating accessible but thought provoking work. She is an American and grew up on a dairy farm close to the Canadian border. She has lived in Britain for the last 30 years and is currently based in Northampton.

Andrea Hadley-Johnson is a creative producer and curator who currently works as the Artistic Programme Manager for the National Justice Museum, developing exhibitions and creative interventions that explore ideas of crime, justice and creativity. Andrea works closely with artists and communities of people to coproduce exhibitions that bring people together to discover and share perspectives. Her work is experimental, representative, playful and quietly activist in approach. She works with people outside the museum to shape and inform what happens inside the museum.


Digital Dialogues is a new series of conversations convened by CVAN EM with artists, curators, producers and others with a connection to our programme.

The conversations will take place online.

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