Electro-Pythagoras (a portrait of Martin Bartlett) + Introduction

From: 25th April 2018 6:30 pm

To: 25th April 2018 8:00 pm

Phoenix Cinema & Art Centre

4 Midland Street, Leicester, UK

Electro-Pythagoras is artist filmmaker Luke Fowler’s profile of the pioneering electronic music composer Martin Bartlett






Electro-Pythagoras (a portrait of Martin Bartlett) (2017) is artist filmmaker Luke Fowler’s profile of Martin Bartlett, an electronic music composer who conducted pioneering experiments with microcomputers.

Born in Croydon in 1939, emigrating to Canada with his family when he was thirteen, Bartlett’s life was cut short in 1993 during the AIDS crisis. Despite his prolific and significant career of experimentation and collaboration, his work remains little known.

Part-portrait, part rumination on loss, Fowler carefully explores the relationship between the memory of Bartlett and the precariousness of the technologies that he used to make his compositions.

Luke Fowler is a Turner Prize nominated artist, filmmaker and musician based in Glasgow. Screening in partnership with the ICA as part of the Artist Moving Image Network, funded by Arts Council England.


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