Forever Project

From: 11th April 2018 6:30 pm

To: 11th April 2018 8:30 pm

New Art Exchange

39-41 Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham, United Kingdom

What would you ask a survivor of one of the world's greatest atrocities, the Holocaust?





What would you ask a survivor of one of the world’s greatest atrocities, the Holocaust? The Forever Project, presented by the National Holocaust Memorial Centre & Museum, is an ambitious interactive digital programme that preserves the voices of Holocaust survivors for generations to come, allowing audiences to ask those survivors questions and to learn about their stories. We welcome both the digital project and a Holocaust survivor to share their experiences – what will you ask?

Artist Katja Hock will also discuss her newly commissioned work, in remembrance of the Holocaust, Lichtung. To launch their new White Rose Appeal, the National Holocaust Memorial Centre in Nottinghamshire, has commissioned a major photographic and film work by the Nottingham based artist, Katja Hock. Lichtung will appear on the exterior of NAE’s building as prints and projections visible to visitors 24 hours a day. Blending together still and moving imagery, Hock’s black and white work frequently deals with the subject of memory and the passage of time.

Familiar forms appear and disappear, boundaries become blurred, and pools of intense black and white leave us blinded to distinctive identities. Bringing together the stones and roses that underpin this significant campaign, and fusing them into an indistinguishable whole, Hock challenges the distinctiveness and difference that have led so many millions to be murdered in acts of Holocaust.


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