Isolation Art Mail

From: 19th April 2020 8:00 am

To: 31st August 2020 8:00 am

Tracey Meek

Your home

You’ve got Mail!






Isolation Art Mail is a community intervention in the shape of a collaborative chain letter / art trail.

A unique way of combating the loneliness felt through self isolation during the Covid-19 crisis. A letter through the post, only it’s not a letter, it’s a piece of unfinished art that you are invited to contribute to. A way of connecting creatively, sharing experience and feeling like we are part of something, that we are not alone.

The rules are simple; Sign up to receive your art mail, jump up and down 3x when you receive it in the post, add your magic, remember to document taking a clear photo in decent light, and send it on to the next artist to be chopped and changed, again and again and so on. Send photos to HQ to be uploaded online and celebrated by all. Eventually the completed art work will find its way back home for exhibition when we are once more allowed to meet and hug and chat.



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