Lets Talk Art – John Newling in conversation with Gareth Bunting & Victoria Sharples

From: 7th June 2019 3:00 pm

To: 7th June 2019 5:00 pm


Artcore, Charnwood Street, Derby, UK

How can artists respond to the Climate Emergency?






Friday 7th June
How can artists respond to the Climate Emergency?

Join us for an in-conversation event with artist John Newling and our Artists in Residence- Gareth Bunting and Victoria Sharples, and an opportunity to network with other artists.

We are delighted to welcome renowned artist John Newling to the Artcore Gallery space to touch on how artists can respond to the climate emergency. John was born in Birmingham in 1952 and has an acclaimed international reputation creating projects and installing works in the UK and many other countries. He is known as a pioneer of public art with a social purpose. His works explore the natural world and the social and economic systems of society – such as money or religion. To this end Newling has innovated the possibilities and benefits for art in a renewed social and conceptual framework.

John will be in discussion with Gareth Bunting and Victoria Sharples who are coming towards the end of their joint residency ‘We Are Asteroids’, titled after eco-philosopher Timothy Morton, who calls out the effect of humans on our planet. The two month residency aims to explore how artists can respond to the urgent need for change, and how visual art can change people’s views.

As scientists warn us of the consequences of our human impact on the environment, the arts help us visualise the consequences of climate change and natural catastrophe, eliciting emotional responses that prompt action. By looking to the past, we can understand historical examples of conflict and climate and the unintended consequences brought about by attempts to mitigate the effects of climate warming.

The session will be an open discussion as well as an opportunity to network.


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