LISTEN: The Organisation of Sound

From: 1st June 2018 7:30 pm

To: 1st June 2018 9:30 pm

Level Centre

Level Centre, Old Station Close, Rowsley, Matlock, UK

LISTEN: The Organisation of Sound




A night of live music and organised sound that will inspire, intrigue and interrupt. Level presents a series of curated contemporary and historic works by international sound artists.

Short sounds, long sounds, loud sounds, quiet sounds, falling sound, crying, laughing, squeaking, singing sound, low and high sound. Sounds organised and sculpted into intriguing musical works where our instinctive sensory perception, memory and experience, provides moments of pure poetic beauty, serene lyrical connections and sharp, dark and disturbing interjections.

Level Centre, 1 June 2018
Drinks from 7.30pm
Live performances start promptly at 8pm


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