Object Performance

From: 11th May 2017 6:00 pm

To: 14th December 2017 6:00 pm


33 Seely Road, Nottingham NG7 1NU, United Kingdom





Object Performance is a series of new commissions presented in collaboration with TG, combining residency and exhibition formats, alongside new performances.

This programme aims to consider what an expanded form of sculpture might be today, where objects, images, text, performance and sound are interwoven.

Each of these commissions explores the ways in which objects can be activated, whether as prop, performer or instrument, with the seven performances continuing to expand how we see, use and relate to the objects, things and materials in the world around us.

Commission #1
Sahej Rahal
Performance: Thursday 11 May
Exhibition: 12 May-17 June

Commission #2Presented by TG
Remko Scha
Performance: 3 June at Nottingham Contemporary
Exhibition: 31 March-4 June

Commission #3 – Presented by TG
Jan Vorisek
Performance: Thursday 8 June
Exhibition: 9 June-22 July

Commission #4
Guillaume Pilet
Performance: Thursday 13 July
Exhibition: 14 July-19 August

Commission #5
William Hunt
Performance: Thursday 12 October
Exhibition: 13 October-18 November

Commission #6 – Presented by TG
Andrea Neumann & Anna Susanna Woof
Performance: Saturday 25 November

Commission #7
Sophie Jung
Performance: Thursday 14 December

TG is an independent gallery based at Primary. The programme is supported by The Ampersand Foundation, The Elephant Trust,The Henry Moore Foundation and The Embassy of The Netherlands, London.



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