The Essence of Trees. An exhibition by Gustavo Espinosa

From: 7th September 2019 10:00 am

To: 12th October 2019 4:00 pm

The Smallprint Company

2-3 Friary Street, Derby, UK

The Essence of Trees. An exhibition by Gustavo Espinosa






Gustavo Espinosa: The Essence of Trees

Beautiful, large scale close-up photographs of tree bark in Derbyshire, exploring pattern and detail.

“The essence of trees is wood; heartwood, sapwood and bark. In the life of a tree, it is the wood which grows. Leaves, blossom seeds, needles and cones are ephemeral; they pass with the seasons, but the wood of the tree endures.

These images are made from photographs of a wide variety of trees: growing trees, dying trees, trees cut down or fallen, rotting wood returning to the earth. The photographs were made on walks in the countryside, in ancient forests and once-landscaped parks.

Trees are the lungs of the countryside, the signifiers of its health, and the essence of trees is wood.”

Gustavo Espinosa, 2019.



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