The Silence of Bone and Stone

From: 11th July 2019 6:00 pm

To: 27th July 2019 6:00 pm

four/four Collective

four/four Collective, Douglas Road, Nottingham, UK

four/four presents 'The Silence of Bone and Stone' featuring new work by Ashley Hay and Chloë Laycock




Exhibition opening – 11th July 2019. 6-9pm.

‘The Silence of Bone & Stone’ is an exhibition presented at 4/4 featuring new work by Ashley Hay and Chloë Laycock.

Archaeological excavation involves the investigation of a series of events and durations, represented by deposits, structures and artefacts which a site may contain. To understand these we have to excavate them and in the process formulate a narrative or story.

Ashley Hay and Chloë Laycock take on the role of archaeologists in The Silence of Bone & Stone. They dig down into the archaeological findings of a deviant burial, in which a young woman had been buried face down with a large stone pressed into her back. The positioning of her body and binding of her hands suggests she had been buried alive. The common interpretation of this type of burial is that it was used as a measure for people who threatened the community, in fear that they might return.

Through the investigation of these deposits and artefacts, the exhibition imagines the relationship between the young woman and the stone through an audio-visual installation.

Join us at 6pm on the 11th July for the opening of the exhibition, the exhibition will continue to run Friday & Saturday 12-6pm until 27th July.

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