Town Centre Public Art Trail / ‘Sleeper, Giant’

From: 22nd September 2018 10:30 am

To: 22nd September 2018 12:30 pm

Modern Painters, New Decorators

Modern Painters, New Decorators, Carillon Court Shopping Centre, Loughborough, LE11 3XA

Join Kev Ryan for a tour of public sculpture in Loughborough town centre as part of Modern Painters, New Decorators latest project Sleeper, Giant.




Kev Ryan is currently the Executive Director of Charnwood Arts and is also a community artist with a background in combined arts, visual arts, photography and film-making, dance and community literature.

Charnwood Arts is an independent community arts and media organisation based in the Borough of Charnwood in the East Midlands of Britain. Their work encompasses most art forms including combined arts work and a wide range of approaches. Their core work stimulates and supports local cultural development, working in partnerships with arts organisations, youth and community groups, schools and organisations and encouraging participation in the cultural life of Charnwood borough and the East Midlands.

No prior experience or knowledge of contemporary art is required to attend this event. Tickets are £2 and are limited due to capacity. Booking essential.


When you think of public sculpture, where does your mind go?

This strange meeting point between a private mind and a public space. History, identity, community made physical.

So often when we come across public sculpture we feel indifferent. This exhibition and book were brought together to build new relations with the artwork around us. The sculptures that stands alone in our town centres, which mark and frame our motorway landscapes. Art that belongs to us the public.

The project started with an invitation from Modern Painters, New Decorators to artists from across the UK to write texts that created new emotional, intellectual or physical connections to pieces of public sculpture. In return we received poems, essays and short stories as diverse as the monuments that litter our land. But they are united by this common goal. To engage.

Using these texts as a starting point the Modern Painters, New Decorators team, which is made up of artists, curators, illustrators and craftspeople, has made prints, sculptures, fabrics and installations that combine together to respond to and present the texts.

The book, an 84 page soft back bound colour book, will be exclusively for sale across the course of the exhibition in limited supplies. It features texts by George Chinnery, Coco Crampton, Claire Davies, Mateus Domingos, Adham Faramawy, Colette Griffin, Ian Jackson, Aoife Mullan, John Plowman, Sarah Roberts, Ariane Schick, Tom Sewell and original prints by David John Scarborough.

With thanks to donations from the general public.



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