Student Show


From: 11th September 2020 10:00 am

To: 25th September 2020 12:00 am

MA fine art University of Lincoln graduating cohort 2020

Staying at home with Trace the book as exhibition and its accompanying website by the MA fine art 2020 Graduating cohort .

TRACE is an exhibition in book form, accompanied by an online multi-disciplinary showcase of work created by students of the University of Lincoln MA Fine Art graduating cohort of 2020.




MA Fine Art show, University of Lincoln.
Jodie Hogarth, Michelle Holmes, Beth Jones, Maria Pearson, Georgia Preece, Martine Wainwright
MA Fine Art students from the University of Lincoln are delighted to present ‘TRACE’, an exhibition with a difference. Put your feet up, this exhibition will be coming to you from 11th September 2020, to be enjoyed from the comfort of home, at leisure, in your favourite armchair!
In a year with a multitude of online degree shows, digital overload, eye strain and brain fog begin to set in. Contact with the physical is something that has quickly become rare and denied, everything feels at a remove and distance. TRACE is a counter to this trend, an undeniably physical, tactile, and materially based exhibition. In a time when all is at a distance, it becomes increasingly important to hold something close and to touch. TRACE is where the gallery becomes a book, the exhibition is to be visually read and physically held. TRACE, like any good book, is something that can become a lasting companion in increasingly fleeting times.

TRACE has been created and curated by six graduating MA fine art students from the University of Lincoln. The book is a form they chose to replace their final gallery exhibition that would have taken place in September. The unexpected closure of the University’s workspaces and studios due to COVID-19, left little probability of a gallery show. Students had to deal with the abandonment of materials and workspace and negotiate working independently from home, leading many to pursue new ways of making and working. With options of postponement or going digital the students rose to the challenge to create something exciting, permanent, and physical; the show and their work will live on beyond the current pandemic.

MA Fine Art student Maria Pearson summed up the show by saying; “TRACE will be a lasting legacy of the time COVID-19 almost crashed our MA exhibition, instead we challenged what an exhibition could be and have created something unique for this time”. TRACE the book will be accompanied by an online showcase where an eBook copy will be available to download for anyone unable to explore a paper copy. Further information and examples of the individual artists works will also be available to explore. Limited copies of the book will be available to order. There will be a gallery exhibition of the student’s work in Project Space Plus at the University of Lincoln in February 2021.

The exhibition begins when you turn the cover,
pauses with the mark of a page,
ends when you decide…


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