Ye Funa: From Hand to Hand

From: 16th February 2018 6:00 pm

To: 4th March 2018 5:00 pm

Nottingham Contemporary

Weekday Cross, Nottingham, United Kingdom






Exhibition Launch: Fri 16 Feb

Ye Funa’s practice is concerned with the boundaries between daily life and contemporary art. Her work explores the effects of new media and globalisation on cultural identity and gender. For our exhibition, Ye will produce a new episode in her online Peep-Stream series, addressing society’s current desire to display ourselves through selfies, webchats and social media. Ping-Pong Stream, an interactive live streamed performance, will focus on China’s waning interest in ping pong in favour of celebrity sports of basketball and football. Produced in The Space at Nottingham Contemporary, Ping Pong Stream will tell the story of Yong Ping, a former Ping Pong World Champion.

The final video will be embedded in an immersive installation that converts the Project Space into a nail salon. Here, nails become the exhibition space through which Ye artificially reforms the natural extremities of the body. This exhibition is part of NOW: A Dialogue on Female Chinese Contemporary Artists, in collaboration with CFCCA, HOME, Turner Contemporary, MIMA and Tate.



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