In Another Place reaches new audiences

On 5th June Charlie Birtles, UK Young Artists’ In Another Place billboard artist, spoke to an audience of artists, students and members of the public at an event at Nottingham Trent University. She mapped her journey post-study to life as a self-employed maker, talking about significant projects and resources she has drawn on. Watch her talk.

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Charlie is an applied artist who graduated in 2015 after studying Three-Dimensional Design at Manchester School of Art. Birtles creates artworks of curiosity. Inspired by miscellanea, from a compulsion to find and collect, she endeavours to explore value and meaning of unsung objects. Her choice of materials come from everyday items, and combined with meticulous processes and repetitive techniques, lead her through a narrative by which she organically creates. Each object Charlie creates is carefully considered; collectively they form a ‘landscape’ of her reflective process.

UK Young Artists’ billboard, featuring Charlie’s artwork, is located in Hyson Green, Nottingham, at the junction of Gregory Boulevard and Radford Road. The billboard heralds its next biennale, City Takeover: Nottingham in February 2019 when 200 artists from across the globe will be in the city showing and sharing their work with audiences. It will raise UKYA’s profile with artists and stakeholders, ignite curiosity in potential participants – particularly young designers and applied artists – and encourage the general public to celebrate the wealth of talent and creativity that exists within the city and across the globe, presented right on their doorstep.