Access to Art Colleges Placements (A2A Residencies)

Applications are now open for 50 AA2A placements in 11 host institutions across England, including Preston, Liverpool, Chester, Sheffield, Derby, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Hatfield, Cambridge and Plymouth.

Application deadlines vary but all are in September


AA2A schemes allow artists and designer makers to undertake research or realise a project using art college and university facilities e.g. workshops, IT, lending library, lecture programme

NB: Derby and Wolverhampton University placements will also have access to collections at local galleries, museums and archives.

All schemes offer access from Oct 2017 to April 2018 with some offering extensions

Applicants must have at least one year’s professional practice and be able to work with minimal technical support. Only MA students can apply directly after graduation.

Most host institutions offer 4 places. In exchange for access to facilities, AA2A artists are asked to propose ways in which their presence will benefit students e.g. technical demonstrations or talks about their work. Artists would not be asked to do this more than three times during their placement.

Many host institutions offer exhibitions as part of their scheme

Each AA2A Artist has webpages on our networking site ‘Dotbiz’ to document their project

AA2A has a Hardship fund primarily to cover travel and childcare expenses up to £300 for those on benefits associated with low income

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Contact Name

Wendy Mason

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Start Date

9th August 2017

Closing Date

21st September 2017