Alternative Mapping of Time and Landscape

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art partners with Live Art Development Agency to present a residency for artists working in Live Art.

Alternative Mapping of Time and Landscape sees Leonie Rousham and Ishwari Bhalerao invite participants to take part in experimental image making processes which focus on cycles of growth, decay and repetition.

Through a residency at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art participants will explore experimental darkroom printing and chorus interventions. Slow processes which move against neoliberal and extractivist drives towards output. Participants will explore how art can be used to aid collective sustenance and work towards an end to continued cycles of exhaustion.

This residency is intended as a two day activity including an overnight stay at Sudborough Green Lodge. Due to current Covid-19 restrictions this is not currently possible. Due to this uncertainty we plan to recruit participating artists before the end of 2020 and to confirm a safe and practical time in dialogue with all parties.

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Start Date

16th November 2020

Closing Date

30th November 2020