Business Analyst

We are looking for a Business Analyst to join our IS and Project Management department. The Gallery is dependent upon relevant and reliable information systems to support its operations. This role will bridge the gap between the systems and the users, ensuring that those systems are providing the support that its business units require. Equally, it will ensure that the working processes of the business units are optimised to meet new demands and are able to capitalise on the automated systems available to them.

Working with business units, this role will:

  • evaluate current operations
  • identify and clarify problems
  • develop options for improvement; and
  • implement relevant changes.

The Business Analyst will usually lead the implementation stage, ensuring that the business makes effective use of the changed systems and that the intended business benefits are delivered.

For more information and to download a full job description, please visit the website.

If you are interested in this opportunity to join our team please complete the online application form by 14th July 2019.

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Start Date

2nd July 2019

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25th July 2019