Call for Photographic Work

Val Williams and Karen Shepherdson are working with Turner Contemporary to curate a major new exhibition examining the relationship between photographers, photography and the British seaside from the 1850s to the present. The exhibition will take place at  Turner Contemporary, Margate in 2019 before going on national tour.

As curators we are aware that a significant amount of British photography remains undiscovered and unseen. Hence, we are inviting submission of portfolios, archives and collections of photography which were made around the British seaside for consideration for inclusion in this major photographic show at Turner Contemporary.

Photography is not always a continuous career, and many photographers have produced bodies of works at certain times in in their lives, and then not returned to the medium. Such material is often rich in content and method. The curators will be very interested to see such work.

Archives too can be relatively hidden or unexplored, whether held by individuals, organisations, institutions or collections. With archivists’ time at a premium and resources scarce, such material has not always been made available for research.  We would like to identify such collections in order to have the broadest possible picture of photography’s relationship with the British seaside.

If you have work of your own, which you might not think important but which relates in some way to our theme, we would like an opportunity to see it, for possible inclusion in the show. Or, if you know of archives that we may not have seen, please share your ideas with us.

Subject matter is unlimited, but must be, in some way directly related to British seaside culture and the ideas that it has engendered.




If you would like to contact us about your work prior to sending it in, please email either or both of us: //


Full details on website link given. 

Start Date

1st August 2017

Closing Date

15th September 2017