Call for WebinArt 2020/21 participants

The WebinArt programme provides support for Mid-Career Creative Enterprises as well as those who are just starting out. The two programmes will run side by side + will include mentoring, 12 monthly webinars, 6 live interviews, + 6 networking events in Leicestershire, Rutland + Derbyshire.

​If you are interested in being a mentor we will be looking to contract 6 mentors from the following areas in Leicestershire over the 12 month programme: Blaby, NW Leicestershire, Hinckley & Bosworth and Rutland. Complementary mentoring will also be provided by our partner arts organisations in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Rutland.

The cost for each participant will be £100 over the 12 months, which works out at just under £8.50 a month. There will be 6 free places available to those on low incomes or receiving benefits in the following areas: Blaby, NW Leicestershire, Hinckley & Bosworth and Rutland.

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Contact Name

Catherine Rogers

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Start Date

10th March 2020

Closing Date

1st April 2020