Cohort Member – 12 Month Career Development Programme

The Cohort is Modern Painters, New Decorator’s career development programme for students and recent grads. The Cohort is an intentional part-time year out for individuals who want to receive teaching, mentoring, and on-the-job training in order to develop their skills working in the visual arts. We’ve partnered with Webinart to help make this opportunity happen. Webinart is a professional development programme run by Creative Leicestershire. The programme starts in October, and ends 12 months later. To take part in the Cohort please follow the links below, and request a role description and application form via our contact form. Deadlines for applications is 31 July 2020.

Media & Communications Assistant

Our Media & Communications Assistant creates narratives around our vision and programme. They organize our social media, marketing, and create captivating video and image content that helps tell our story. The Media & Communications Assistant develops our visual identity, and develops campaigns and projects that prioritize collaboration in order to re-energize the local.

Design & Retail Assistant

Our Design & Retail Assistant dreams up artist-made products and then makes them happen. The Design & Retail Assistant works with our team to develop new products such as cards, zines and prints, as well as finding products from other creatives from across the UK to stock in the shop. The Design & Retail Assistant is involved with visual merchandising; stock checks and helps oversee the retail aspects of the project.

Curation & Events Assistant

Our Curation & Events Assistant brings together artists, communities and objects to co-create compelling visual art projects. The role is both practical and relational. The Curation & Events Assistant responds to the themes of our exhibition programme, helping install artwork, managing events, speaking at talk nights, working with and communicating to artists and imagining new projects.

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Start Date

10th June 2020

Closing Date

31st July 2020