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Fascinating Fen is an exciting opportunity for a creative intervention in a peaceful yet dramatic fenland setting to be viewed by walkers, cyclists, visitors and passing cars. It will link art, nature, agriculture, landscape and history.

We are looking to commission an artist/s to create a piece to be installed on a bridge in Willow Tree Fen nature reserve, as well as providing a feature it must also act as a safety barrier to prevent visitors falling into the watercourse below.

An ideal project would create a distinctive “signature” artwork that reflects aspects of what makes the area special and create ownership and pride.

We are looking for proposals that are innovative and original and that capture the attention and imagination of their audience. We would especially like the artwork to inspire and encourage local communities and businesses in nearby villages and towns to discover and connect with their local natural landscape.

We would like to encourage pride and ownership of the artwork in the surrounding communities. We would like the artist to engage with schools, there is an opportunity to engage a more diverse audience, perhaps working with EU children and their families living in the Spalding area.

We would expect the artist to work in close consultation with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust reserve warden and other staff to ensure that design features are fit for purpose.

We do not want to specify a medium for the artwork but the installation must be able to withstand a harsh, exposed outdoor environment. The maintenance and management needs of the piece must be specified in the artistic brief. Particular attention will need to be paid to the safety elements of the structure along the bridge railings – this may be subject to approvals by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

Applications can be from individuals or teams.

Deadline for application is 25th February 2019 and the project would begin in April 2019.

The total available budget for the commission is up to £25,000 to include all fees, materials, production costs, delivery, installation, any travel and accommodation and contingency.

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Nick Jones 

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Start Date

11th January 2019

Closing Date

25th February 2019