Digital Resource Developer

Threshold Studios wishes to commission a Digital Advert and ident for the This is Us project.

The purpose of the advert is to create a living active resource from archive materials and assets to promote the project and be used as an outreach tool/digital asset to engage participants in person and online. The advert will form an integral part of the project identity and be the basis for a shorter ident that can be used with moving image assets produced during the life of the entire project.

Outline of This Is Us Project.

This is Us is a project that will explore the history of industry and migration in the Sincil Bank/Park Ward area of Lincoln from the late 19th Century to the present.  Sincil Bank is one of the most culturally diverse area of the city and continues to attract a mix of migrant workers, communities across the world, long term and transient residents. Threshold Studio’s will collaborate with Sincil residents comparing the changing face of the area from the past to the present through history and workforce for engineering firm Robey & Co Ltd (Est.1854 to 1988). This is us is supported through National Lottery Heritage Lottery Fund.

For the full brief and to apply please download the application pack via the Threshold Studios website at

If you would like information or to find out more please contact to set up a phone conversation with our Creative Engagement Manager or Director of Programmes. 

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Start Date

26th May 2018

Closing Date

18th June 2018