FIGMENT Derby 2017

We need creative people, writers, photographers, artists, makers, musicians, wonder makers… Have you got ideas you want to test with a live audience, old projects that could do with a new spin, or just need to take a deep breath and jump out there with an All Time New Piece of Wonder? Whether you make art all the time or wonder if you ever could, FIGMENT Derby might be for you. We accept submissions from artists of all ages and experience.

Submit your project using the FIGMENT Artist Submission Portal

If you don’t feel comfortable with technology and would like us to help you; or if you have any problems to submit your project, please contact Laura on 01332 641 901.

FIGMENT asks that you create an account on the FIGMENT Artist Submission Portal to begin your process of submission. This is your account to keep, so please document your username and password.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll log back in and you can choose the city you’d like to create a project for.

You can incrementally save your project. This allows you, the artist, to begin a project proposal, and come back to it another day. Remember though, once you’ve clicked the ‘submit’ button, you’ll no longer be able to make changes to that project.

After you submit, you will be assigned a curator, who will be your official contact and through the FIGMENT evaluation process, and then your guide supporting you through the event itself to ensure bringing your project to FIGMENT goes as smoothly as possible.

Submissions will be accepted until Friday 18th August 2017! An entry form will be made available. The earlier you submit your project, the more personal attention you will get from our Curatorial Team!

SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT: Enter the FIGMENT Artist Submission Portal

Entries are encouraged from individuals or teams of any age or experience level, provided they are prepared to carry out the project.

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Start Date

19th August 2017

Closing Date

19th August 2017