Freelance Artist

The Friends of Gedling Country Park have benefitted from funding from the Coop Community Fund for a number of years and with this funding they have recently installed a tree trail. In 2019 Gedling Country Park was designated as a Local Nature Reserve and this influenced the decision to create a tree trail consisting of all British native trees. Information about the trees will be included in a booklet and will cover their role in supporting wildlife, the mythology that surrounds them, the uses that man has put them to and much more.

To enhance the tree trail the Friends of Gedling Country Park and Gedling Borough Council would like to commission an artist to create a piece of art work or a series of art works. Some possible ideas for the project could include:

  • Some decorative signage to mark the start and end of the trail or that runs through the trail.
  • Art work that people discover as they explore the tree trail.
  • Creative practical additions to the park including seating, lighting or information panels.
  • Art work that can be used to enhance or as part of outdoor performance, storytelling or guided walks around the park.
  • Creative additions to the trail which appeal to a specific user group of the park.

The total amount available for the project is £3K. Any art work which is installed at the park will need to be suitably robust and able to stand up to the elements given the exposed and accessible nature of the park.

Please provide us with a statement on how you would answer the brief – no longer than 2 sides of A4. You are welcome to provide any images, sketches or examples of previous work alongside this to support your statement.

For further information about priorities for Gedling Borough Council and how they link to Gedling Country Park visit:

Please be advised that owing to the Covid 19 pandemic we are unable to confirm the timeline for the completion of this project.

Start Date

17th July 2020

Closing Date

5th August 2020