Originally, ram.projects were hoping to develop IRL (in real life) exhibition opportunities for emerging artists going into the spring of 2021. However, because of the adverse developments with COVID-19 and a third lockdown in the UK, we have decided to postpone that opportunity.

We would like to offer artists the opportunity to enter into a free open call to be shown as a selection of images on ram.projects instagram page, with the potential to be curated into an IRL in the future.

We would like artists of any discipline and any age to address, as broadly as they wish, the idea of a future life on Mars. With SpaceX and Elon Musk striving to create a human habitat on Mars, the possibility of what was previously science-fiction cinema, may become a reality within our lifetimes. Whether artists seek to address the geography of the planet, how humans will breath or create food, the computer technology or space travel as a whole are just a few ideas.

To submit images, upload to instagram and tag @ram.projects with the hashtag #projectsonmars

Selected uploads will be posted to the ram.projects instagram feed to create a discussion surrounding LIFE, ON MARS.

Opportunity Type


Contact Name

Thomas Wynne

Contact Email


Start Date

6th January 2021

Closing Date

1st April 2021