Museum Education & Learning Consultant

We are looking for a consultant to develop a new KS/2 based workshop based on the theme of building a ‘timeline’ from pre history to present day. The workshop would use a range of real and replica items, some coming from the museum’s own handling collection, to enable pupils to create a timeline of history and help them to understand a basic chronology.

The workshop would be led by a museum team member and would be designed so that it could be delivered flexibly in either a galley space or activity room. We would anticipate the length of the activity to be no longer than 1.5 hours. The workshop should also be flexible to deliver to SEN groups.

Key deliverables:-

  • To create a KS/2 based workshop activity using the theme of building a ‘Timeline’ whilst incorporating objects from the Museum’s own collections.
  • To work with an identified school and the Learning & Engagement Manager to test the activity, evaluate it and make any necessary improvements.
  • To provide training for members of the Museum team to deliver the activity to school audiences.

Start Date

28th August 2018

Closing Date

30th September 2018