OPEN CALL: .GIF @ Fringe Arts Bath

GIFs, memes and emojis are the visual language of our digital presence. Moving freely across screens and platforms, they roam the internet, breaking our world down into yellow faces, cutting glances and purple vegetables.

Nothing is sacred and immune from the comic gaze of GIFs, memes and emojis as they reduce life to images for mass consumption.

Instantly recognisable and culturally specific, they come with their own index; languages with their own grammar and glossary. Through a syntax of image, icon and text, they mock the world with uncanny clarity.

.GIF will explore the fertile negotiations between contemporary art and the aesthetic of our online presence.

.GIF Launch Event: The exhibition will launch with a live night of performances in event of debaucherous post-internet paraphernalia.

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Christopher D. Ansell

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Start Date

4th February 2019

Closing Date

17th March 2019