OPEN CALL Postcard Show

We invite you to create postcard size artworks to exhibit with us in March 2020. Open to all ages and abilities, artists and creatives. This show celebrates the humble postcard as a format and material for creating artworks.

The earliest known picture postcard is said to have been sent in 1840 in London and since then has become an icon around the world and a beloved collectors item.

We hope to fill the gallery with artworks which celebrate this legacy and also transform it with new creative ideas. Artists can use the postcard as a material for experimental work or as a format for more traditional options, anything is possible but it all starts with the humble postcard.

Submission Deadline
Saturday 15th February

Applications available at the gallery or online.
Application Fees: Adult £10 / Student (Under 18) £5 / Kids (Under 15) £1

Applications in person receive 3 x blank postcards, submit up to 15 postcards per entry.
See application form for guidance and further details.

Public exhibition
26th of February – 21st of March 2020

Contact Rooftop Arts Centre
01536 267101

Facebook @rooftopartscentre
Instagram @rooftopartscentre
Twitter @RooftopCorby

Opportunity Type


Contact Name

Dinah Kazakoff

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Start Date

21st December 2019

Closing Date

15th February 2020