Patchwork over the space between us

A Participatory Curatorial Exploration
In this moment of pause, I am unearthing my many years of art materials and equipment and taking time to learn, explore, experiment and create little works. I don’t consider myself as an artist; more of a curator for my new exhibition….
Unused Art Materials, till now… (a working title)
I have created little artworks using collage, print, drawing and sewing machine to create a patchwork blanket of artworks.

I invite you to add to this curated creative venture with your small trial artworks to help create a patchwork blanket that will capture this time that we all share as a community.

This is a voluntary project, an opportunity to add purpose and value to these creative happenings. All participating artists will be acknowledged, their artworks and profile will be shared via social media and hopefully in exhibition when possible.

The organic process will allow space to build on the project allowing me to respond to your contributions. This exciting opportunity will enable us to adapt to these strange times and work together in new ways.

For more information please contact
Khyati Koria-Green on E: W:

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Contact Name

Khyati Koria-Green

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Start Date

1st October 2020

Closing Date

30th November 2020