PhotographyDigitalPainting Symposium – Call for Papers

“On the material level, the shift to digital representation and the common modification/editing tools which can be applied to most media (copy, paste, morph, interpolate, filter, composite, etc.) and which substitute traditional distinct artistic tools erased the differences between photography and painting (in the realm of the still image) […]” [1]

The PhotographyDigitalPainting symposium continues the investigations begun with PaintingDigitalPhotography,[2] into how artists and theorists currently engage with the interrelationships of photography, the digital and painting. The original PaintingDigitalPhotography conference revealed the breadth and depth of work and analysis being undertaken in this area, from John Hilliard’s photographic practice referencing a painterly vocabulary, to the digital work of Gerhard Richter. As continuous advancements in digital technology radicalizes, repositions and re-defines traditional mediums, it is evident that the vast range of interconnected practices in this field require much further explication. This second event therefore aims to look further into these connections by asking how photography, the digital and painting are synthesized in contemporary art practices and what theories are being developed to support this. In what ways do these mediums inflect/infect one another, what does this fusion tell us about their discrete natures and what new forms are created through this combination?

This call invites proposals for presentation at the symposium.

The PhotographyDigitalPainting symposium is a one-day research event at the University of Derby Markeaton St campus, taking place on the 16th April 2019. We seek presentations for the symposium that respond to the following strands:

• Painting and the digital
• Photography and the digital
• Painting-photography / Photography-painting

We are particularly interested in research that investigates:

• Concrete interconnectivity between all three mediums – photography, digital and painting – in the formation of unified forms.

Keynote speaker Albert Barque-Duran will discuss his current work that explores the interconnections between computer generated imagery, painting and photography.

The original conference resulted in the publication of the book – PaintingDigitalPhotography: Synthesis and Difference in the Age of Media Equivalence, [3] and there is the potential that texts stemming from this symposium will be published as an anthology of essays.

Please send Abstracts / Proposals (for a 30 minute presentation) of no more than 500 words to Carl Robinson:

Please include your name, title, email address, institution and title of the proposed presentation

Deadline: 1st March 2019

[1] Lev Manovich,”Post-media Aesthetics”, accessed February 25, 2018,

[2] Conference –


Start Date

16th January 2019

Closing Date

1st March 2019