Ben Fredericks [ Collaborations ] is seeking a freelance Producer to collaborate with, to drive forward a series of new projects, and build the foundations of a new artistic company.

The current projects explore the intersection between new technology and storytelling and have a focus on ethics. The current projects in development include a game focused on Power Dynamics and an interactive theatre experience on Gene editing technologies. Recent project includes Playing God an interactive VR work producing a practical and philosophical exploration of humanitarian crises and migration.

The role would involved organising projects, supporting fundraising applications, sourcing new opportunities, helping secure venues (both galleries and theatres) for audience engagement, and financial management.

It would suit someone with good business and knowledge of the arts (theatre/fine arts.) The work explores Big Think ideas and is made with a commitment to diversity and equal access for all, and would suit someone committed to these principles with a desire to create ambitious and challenging work about difficult ethical subjects.

It would particularly suit someone looking to drive and shape the direction of a new company.

The role is subject to project funding with some access to payments for initial development work on applications and/or project scoping.

To apply please contact with a few sentences on your interest, a few on your experience, and a few on what would make you a good person for the role.

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Ben Fredericks

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Start Date

21st July 2020

Closing Date

4th August 2020