Writers, Artists, Reviewers Sought for Arts and Craft Magazine

Decorating Dissidence is looking for new contributors from all over the UK (& beyond!) – artists, writers, activists – for our magazine, which explores craft and feminist art history.

Published every six weeks, this online magazine explores the political, aesthetic and conceptual qualities of craft and the decorative arts, from modernist experimentation in the early twentieth-century to contemporary practices today.

We hope to open up a space for dialogue between contemporary and modernist makers, breaking down and expanding temporal, spatial, and disciplinary boundaries to find new ways to critically engage with feminist art history.

We’re currently seeking submissions on the following:

  • Crafting the Body
  • Embroidery: The Subversive Stitch Continued
  • Ceramics
  • Bauhaus Legacies

For more info & submission guidelines please visit our website: https://decoratingdissidence.com

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Start Date

3rd March 2020

Closing Date

1st January 2021