Re-Meet the Artist: Nína Óskarsdóttir


It has been a great year since my first interview with Meet the Artists. I have been blessed with opportunities to work and exhibit in the UK and around Europe. With artists from Iceland and a couple of Leicester based artists we started an exchange project between Two Queens in Leicester and artist run space Ekkisens in Reykjavík, Iceland.

In September 2016 artists affiliated with each gallery went for a week long residency in the collaborating gallery ending with an exhibition of new works. In Leicester this culminated with the exhibition It’s Gonna Hurt with artists Freyja Eilíf, Katrína Mogensen and myself. The three of us continued the project in Berlin in March 2017 where we stayed and continued our work for a week creating the exhibition It’s Gonna Hurt II. We wanted to create opportunities for young or recently graduated artists giving them a chance to travel and network outside their homebase.

The last time I spoke with CVAN EM I was in the middle of a two year fellowship programme with Leicester Print Workshop learning Stone Lithography. Over the last year I have continued developing my drawing and printmaking skills as lithography can be very drawing based although it doesn’t have to be, but that is what I mainly focused on. I have experimented with so many different ways of creating images, both technically and conceptually.


At the moment my work can be seen in the exhibition Brutal Náttúra in Leicester Print Workshop where I am showcasing some of my fellowship lithographs along with artist Mandy Payne. Brutal Náttúra runs until 27th January 2018. The two of us also have our lithographs on display in DeMontfort University’s Partnership Staircase project in the Vijay Patel building.


Read Nína’s original interview with CVAN EM here.

For more about Nína’s work visit her website: or follow Nína on Twitter: @ninaoskars