Remote Roundup 10th May – 17th May 2020


FTP Artist Meetup
Phoenix Art Centre
In this session we’ll be playing with the p5.js online editor to create generative images. Open to all.

LEVEL Arts Centre is launching its exciting new take on traditional life-drawing. In this remote, screen-based world we have suddenly found ourselves in, we are asking ourselves how bringing a 3D experience into a 2D medium (contained on a screen) can offer new perspectives and interesting ways of engaging with the human form and body.

Isolated Moments: Shadow Play
Inspired by Chilean artist Eugenio Dittborn and her grandchildren, artist Clare Abbatt leads us through an exercise in making our own silhouette Airmail Paintings using items easily found around the house. Our Isolated Moments series of online prompts and workshops aims to keep spirits buoyed and creativity alive during social isolating. The next in the Isolated Moments series, aiming to keep spirits buoyed and creativity alive during COVID-19 global social isolating and quarantining measures, comes from Fermynwoods Associate Educator, sculptor Clare Abbatt – an artist who specialises in sculpture and figurative work, placing hands-on making in the context of art history.

Community Connect
NottStopping Festival + others
Here are some Nottstopping festival activities for you to get stuck in with…

Online Activites Saturday Art Club
Just because our building is closed doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!
We are running some of our our Explore Art Club, OWN Art Club, and Saturday Art Club acvities online during lockdown.
This Week: Shiny Bird

Online Exhibitions & Content

Work In Progress
NN Contemporary
On Saturday 23rd May, NN’s first digital Work In Progress session will be taking place, led by Birmingham based artist Navi Kaur. Navi responds to issues surrounding migration and family, exploring cultural diversity and narrative through the processes of digital photography, film, and installation. Navi has built up an extensive career as an artist and educator, exhibiting across public institutions and private collections including; Coventry Biennial, CELINE, Vivid Projects, & IKON Gallery. Navi completed The White Pube web residency in 2019, and her upcoming solo show at New Art Exchange is due to open in September. The WIP is an opportunity to present current works in progress to a friendly and supportive group, the event is free and open to artists and makers at all stages of their careers. Email NN at to sign up for a presentation slot and / or to book your place.

Exhibition Explorations: Mark Neville, Battle Against Stigma
QUAD upgraded their Exhibition Explorations. Not only will you be still be able to access the same gallery resources as always but this week QUAD Senior Curator Peter Bonnell has led a video tour of 2018’s Battle Against Stigma featuring the works of Mark Neville.


Discover – The Imagination Economy 21st May
Create Leicester
In this short talk we will explore the Imagination Economy where creative skills are essential, what it means for creatives and the future of work in general.
The imagination economy is said to be the next industrial revolution if it hasn’t started already, the future belongs to the creative and those with the cross-functional creative skills, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Summer School Call Out
Mansions of The Future
Revised Dates: 17 – 21 August 2020
Application Deadline Extended: Monday 29 June, 5:00pm
COVID-19 Announcement Update: As a commitment to the wellbeing of staff, volunteers, artists, and the local community, Mansions of the Future and Proto-type Theater have taken the decision to postpone the Manifestos for the Future Summer School originally scheduled to take place 13 – 17 July, and extend the application deadline until Monday 29 June. Circumstances permitting, we hope the Summer School will now due to take place from 17 – 21 August 2020.


Meet the studio holders: Richard Freestone
Photographer & Printmaker
Richard Freestone is a fine art photographer and printmaker specialising in C19th printing processes particularly the Platinum/Palladium process. It is the return to the hand crafted element of photographic printing from digital, that interests him as well as the archival stability of the prints. The Platinum/Palladium print is still the only process that will outlast the paper it is printed on. His choice of botanical subjects brings together two interests, Gardening and Photography.

Meet The Artist Q&A: Rob Chapman
Welcome to the first interview in our brand new series of Meet the Artist. In this series we are asking artists that we are working with, or have worked with, what makes them tick. Kicking us off is a regular collaborator Rob Chapman. Rob’s next show in the Studio Gallery will be in June (current COVID-19 crisis withstanding). Read on to find out what he has to say

Dam Pani, meaning ‘Blessed Water’ in Urdu and Hindi, was an installation of sound, light and water, by artist and academic Tasawar Bashir in the summer of 2017. The artwork emerged from Bashir’s long-standing love of music and his PhD research on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1948-1997), the critically acclaimed Pakistani Qawwali singer who became an international phenomenon in the 1980s.
Qawwali is a form of Sufi devotional music from South Asia, performances are known to ‘transport’ listeners through their sacred sounds, and the voice of the Qawwāl singer is believed to transmit spiritual energy.