Remote Roundup 11th – 17th January 2020

CATALYST – a programme from our Curator in Residence Saziso Phiri
As part of CATALYST, artists Honey Williams and Richard Chung are in residence at City Arts. Starting January, you can look forward to a new three-part exhibition. There will be artist talks, open studios and a new podcast series. Plus, you’ll have the chance join some fantastic creative workshops. Everything has been designed with COVID-safety procedures in place.

Community Conversations
City Arts
‘Community Conversations’ is a 6-part podcast series for City Arts (Nottingham), hosted by arts and culture journalist Rachel Imogen Willcocks. Rachel is diving into conversation with black and mixed-race black members of Nottingham’s creative community. Discussions will explore the guests’ creative processes, the 2020 anti-racism protests and mental health. We will also look at entrepreneurship, and our guests’ experiences of navigating the pandemic.

Breathing In art – James Steventon
Fermynwoods Copntemporary Art
A new mask for a new year featuring a drawing made by James Steventon where a mark is made for each inhalation and exhalation, and repeated continuously for a full day during lockdown whilst wearing a face mask throughout.
“Typically with these drawings I’d mark each breath continuously until failure, however to acknowledge and explore that many of us are currently already living in a prolonged period of adversity I wanted to make a drawing to mark an eight hour working day during lockdown. Rather than the durational exercise itself, the difficulty in this drawing was finding a spare eight hours plus recovery during a typical 12 hour day among existing work, health and family commitments. By comparison, wearing a face mask became rather insignificant after about 10 minutes. Throughout the drawing I was reminded of friends and family struggling through current conditions, with the belief that something meaningful and beautiful can emerge from enduring.”

Not Just Black and White
Nottingham Contemporary
Nottingham Contemporary are very pleased to share a digital publication, created by women on our Loudspeaker programme. Inspired by their exhibitions, the book presents the outcomes of their creative explorations.

Anatomical Life Drawing and Anatomy
Yardley Arts 7pm, 13 Jan
This is a special 4-week course of life drawing with Sara Myers, where we will look at the fundamental anatomy of the torso on a male model. The course runs on four consecutive Wednesdays from 13 January to 3 February. Booking in advance is essential to secure your place. During each session we will learn about a particular area, study its actions on the model, as well as drawing.

Canon, Choir, Chant
Primary (online) 7pm, 14 Jan
A conversation with Sophie Jung, Rebecca Lennon, Carl Gent, and Rebecca Jagoe about slipping, scoring, and leaking in writing and voicing practices. This reading and image exchange will traverse the boundaries of voice-selves, murky collaboration, collectivity, and rituals of individuation (in carp and others). This event will take place online via Zoom. Please register here to receive the meeting information: Rebecca Lennon’s LIQUID I will be screened as part of this event. You can find out more about LIQUID i here: Roundup