Remote Roundup 13th – 19th July

Exhibitions & Content (On/Offline)

Re-Open: Artists of The Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award
The Strand, Derby Museums
The first exhibition shows work from artists that have previously won the Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award from their residency in Derbyshire alongside some of their work today and explores their different creative journeys since then. The successful artist receives a bursary to base themselves in Derbyshire for a year, at a studio in Banks Mill to produce art work based on the theme ‘A Sense of Place’.

Risk Related Video Conference
Radar Loughborough
A conversation exploring risk, governance and art with Laura Purseglove, Ksenia Chmutina and Francesca Cavallo. Part of Radar’s ‘Risk Related’ project.

Black Hole Club
S A B O T A G E highlights mechanisms with which news channels have moved towards sensationalism, entertainment and opinion, and away from traditional values of verification, relevance, depth and quality of interpretation. These values replaced by Kovach and Rosenstiel’s ’Journalism of assertion’ which focuses how putting a claim into the arena of public discussion as quickly as possible undermines the accuracy of responding to the source of the report.

Workshops & Activities

Curated Skills Workshop Series 13 July –17 July
Mansions of The Future
As a part of the wider ‘From There ’til Now’ commission, we will be streaming a series of online workshops curated by Haich Ber Na and Joseph Bernard. This will be a 5-day series, hosted every evening of the week beginning 13th July. Industry professionals will be invited to speak and share knowledge exploring film production, 3D set design, styling and photography. These workshops are free to attend and open to the public.
Day 1 – Capturing the moment using film photography with Florina Krampen
Day 2 – Image making & Using what you’ve got with Jesse Crankson
Day 3 – Specialism, Creativity & Sausage Factories with Richard Wilkins
Day 4 – Working with AR & Instagram Filters with Kelly Washington
Day 5 – The analytical mind and the instinctive mind discuss: sustainability with Anil Banidol & Savanah Avery

Isolated Moments – Hidden Worlds
The next in our Isolated Moments series, aiming to keep spirits buoyed and creativity alive during COVID-19 social distancing and quarantining measures, comes from artist and educator Fiona Campbell. With a focus on concerns about human over-consumption and exploitation of nature, Fiona creates sculptural installations using mainly reclaimed and discarded materials. During lockdown, rather than work in the studio I’ve been gardening and making art in tandem – both meditative and feeding off each other. Inspired by hidden worlds that often get overlooked, I’ve been fascinated by the entanglement of upturned turf, roots, worms and shoots. In this workshop you can create your own hidden world sculpture using discarded materials that may be to hand.

Drawing for Relaxation with Stevie Davies
Surface Details
Spend some time noticing where the lines of the texture cross your grid and map out your drawing. Get lost in the lines and relax.