Remote Roundup 15th – 21st June 2020


Digital Dialogues with Ruth Singer 18 June 11:30am
Ruth Singer is an award-winning artist-maker, based in Leicester, with 15 years professional experience and a previous career in museums. Her work comprises exhibitions, projects and residencies as well as collaborations and commissions, mainly working in textile with print, mixed media and installation work. She often works with heritage and draw heavily on a previous career in museums, using the skills learned and concepts studied. She is also a writer, tutor, consultant and mentor. Digital Dialogues is a new series of conversations between CVAN EM Director Elizabeth Hawley-Lingham and artists, curators, producers, academics and others, based in the East Midlands or who have a connection to CVAN EM’s programme.

Chris Hinojosa 23 June 5:30pm
Mansions of The Future
As part of the ‘Lincoln Live’ programme & LCN talks series artist Chris Hinojosa will share her recent work, focusing primarily on her experience as a Latinx Trans woman. Amidst the current global endeavours around representation and civil liberties, this talk will explore modes of normalising public conversation around trauma, specifically as it relates to trans identity. @kameha_mija is currently based in Dublin Ireland, in residence at @a4soundstudios. The talk will be streamed live over Zoom on Tuesday 23 June. Visit our website to book via Eventbrite. A link to the live talk will be shared in advance of the 5.30pm start time.

Sets and Scenarios Online Programme,15 June, 8pm
Nottingham Contemporary
Featuring: Adam Christensen, Eva Gold, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi, Aaron Ratajczyk
Daily evening screenings from 8pm with:  Mary Helena Clark, Cerith Wyn Evans, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Shahryar Nashat, James Richards and Steve Reinke, Deborah Stratman and more. Daily schedule to be announced soon. Premiere of Adam Christensen’s performance Death by Mystery.

In Conversation with Katrina Thompson, 15 June, 7pm
Junction Arts
IGTV interview with Katrina Thompson, textile artist, quilter and tinkerer of digital stitchery and electronic things with a keen interest in helping people express themselves creatively.


Isolated Moments Camera Obscura
Photography’s main tool is a camera. The camera’s parent is the Camera Obscura, from the Latin meaning “dark chamber”. As a child I had my own chamber – an attic bedroom where the South-East facing window blind had a small hole torn in it. On a sunny morning that bright light bounced off the scene from outside, through the tiny hole, flipping and reversing a projection of it onto my bedroom wall. A quite stunningly simple but moving experience. The wide world outside was now inside, contained and controlled in my own personal safe space – my camera, something I found and still find very calming and settling. This workshop aims to help you make your own calm camera by creating a Camera Obscura at home.

An imaginary underwater world with unique plants, birds, fish and giant corals that light up and sing – what’s this? An undiscovered island! Let us decipher some mysterious messages and see what lays on this fantastic place… Join us weekly to see the story unravel. Lakeside Arts and Makers of Imaginary Worlds have joined forces in making a truly unique interactive installation: Undiscovered Island, but before we can bring that to life fully, we need your help. We’ve received a message that we can’t decipher – are they any codebrakers out there?


Zane Zelmene
QUAD Senior Curator is joined – from Riga, Latvia – by the multi-media and digital artist Zane Zelmene for a narrated guided virtual tour of her exhibition in QUAD Gallery, ‘The Specious present’ from 10 November 2018 – 4 February 2019. Zane talks about her work in general, plus her VR/ AR commission inspired by Arbor Low Stone Circle in the Peak District. This film features subtitles.

Derby Print Open Online
Green Door
The Derby Print Open is an exhibition open to all showcasing contemporary printmaking from artists based in the United Kingdom.

Rooftop Arts Centre
With submissions from local, national, and international artists this show presents a huge range of work from artists of all ages and abilities. With over 150 works from over 50 artists we hope that the inclusive nature of the exhibition brings joy, beauty, and hope to all who come to visit during these difficult times.


General practice #rewind
A.L.E. (A Landscape Exhibition) 2015
Project Space Plus, University of Lincoln
Taking a skewed look at the subject of the landscape in art, artists from the General Practice collective place the landscape at the forefront of their practices as they determine new points of departure.