Remote Roundup 27th April – 3th May 2020

Workshops and Resources

Leicester Gallery
Open Play sessions are for babies and toddlers aged 0-4 years old, every Sunday 11am-1pm from the comfort of your own home.

Spotlight Week 4 This week Lincoln-based Moldovan theatre maker & cultural activist Olga Macrinici has been taking over our social media channels to host daily writing prompts. Find Out More about the last prompt below & hear some thoughts from Olga. 👇
Prompt 5: “As this is the last day of our time spent together, I would like to thank everybody who got involved & shared their work with us. I hope that today’s last prompt will give you a moment to consider things which you rely mostly on during these incredible times. I want you to think about the object you are using most or the plant/animal/wall you are talking to most during lockdown & write down what they think about you. Is it trying to send us a secret message? Does it want you out of the house? Don’t name it & be as detailed as possible about the way you are using it or the things you’ve telling it. Maybe there is a group of objects who come together & make a choir? Are they the new characters for an opera? Or do they rap about you? Use any form of writing you wish & try to see the world from your cacti’s point of view. Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!”

Isolated Moments: Outside In
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
Fermynwoods Associate Artist Virginie Litzler, along with her two assistants, bring the Outside In for our next activity in our Isolated Moments series. Transform your social isolation view using coloured paper.Take photos of the finished project from different angles and at different times of the day and post them here with the tag #IsolatedMoments

Online Exhibitions and Content

WORK Online Launch Friday 1 May 7pm
Animate Projects
WORK explores ideas and the realities of what ‘work’ means for the way we live today, engaging directly with the experiences of contemporary working lives. WORK is supporting animation and moving image artists to develop, produce and exhibit films in collaborative contexts. Films are currently in development for exhibition from autumn 2019. Artist Jenny Holt is working with our partners Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Thrapston; Esther Johnson is working with Junction Arts, Chesterfield; Adam Lewis-Jacob is working with Vivid Projects, Birmingham; and Dryden Goodwin is working with QUAD, Derby.
Webinar registration:

Exhibition Explorations: VR Season
QUAD Derby
Each week QUAD’ll be highlighting one of their past exhibitions that have been immaculately preserved in digital 3D by the wizards at V21 Artspace. This week, they’ll be travelling back to Nov 2018 – Feb 2019 to explore QUAD’s VR Season exhibitions presenting the work of artists Rebecca AllenZane Zelmene and Leila Johnston. To help in your gallery exploration, they have a number of resources below to help you better understand the show, and help young ones to discover art in a new way by questioning the digital world around you.

Podcast #2
Attenborough Arts Centre
In this episode, Bob Christer, Executive Producer of 1448UK tells us all about how they’ve turned their punk rock theatre digital!

Online Artist In Residence
Our Big Picture
Adrian Riley ‘Eavesdropper in Residence’ @Grimsby Top Town Market.
nline Artist in Residence. Adrian Riley is our 3rd #ArtintheMarket artist in residence on #Grimsby #TopTownMarket

The Good Life Exhibition Playlist
With every exhibition, Tom cooks up a playlist which accompanies the exhibitions, giving each exhibition a visual soundscape that ties in with the themes it explores. He’s got that good at it, that ‘The Good Life’ playlist was officially credited as an artwork in the exhibition, known as ‘Radio Utopia’

Phoenix at Home
Phoenix is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The team would usually be curating a programme for Phoenix’s own screens and gallery, but now they’ve turned our attention to other ways in which we can bring you inspiring and entertaining content. They’ve also got special offers from the likes of MUBI and Curzon, giving our customers discounted access to films online, so browse our new Phoenix at Home section and discover something new.


Meet the studio holders:
Martin Hyde
Martin is an Ashbourne based contemporary artist with a studio at Haarlem Artspace in Wirksworth. He has an MA with distinction. Through his paintings, he reflects on his life as a person living with depression, those around him and his place in the world. His work explores isolation, belonging, identity, divide, empathy and love.

Previously at The Collection
Usher Gallery
This time last year Usher Gallery were showing Luke Jerram’s incredible ‘Museum of the Moon’ in our New Curtois Gallery.

Meet The Artist: Mat Collishaw
Lakeside Arts
Collishaw’s works are renowned for tackling contemporary issues through the use of breath-taking imagery and captivating installations. Fascinated by the simultaneous deceptive and alluring qualities of imagery, Collishaw has a tendency to combine Victorian pre-animation techniques with modern technological developments to challenge topics of moral ambiguity.

Panya Banjoko – Otobong Nkanga, Taste of a Stone
­Otobong Nkanga’s 2017 exhibition featured the site-specific installation, Taste of a Stone, which brought the natural world into the gallery through a landscape of boulders, pebbles, trees and other plants. This environment for contemplation was inhabited by local storytellers, musicians and dancers, as well as visitors.
Listen to Nottingham-based poet Panya Banjoko, as she recites a poem in the installation.