Remote Roundup: 30th March – 5th April

Creative Activities & Learning

Artcore: Motivational Mornings & Crafternoon
Craft workshops livestreamed daily via YouTube.

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art: Isolated Moments: Adversarial Intelligence
The next in our Isolated Moments series, aiming to keep spirits buoyed and creativity alive during COVID-19 global social isolating and quarantining measures, comes from artist and Director of Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, James Steventon. This online workshop tests human creativity against online algorithms, and comes from an activity James originally developed for students at London Metropolitan University’s Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design. Art market history was made recently when a work created using a Generative Adversarial Network sold at Christie’s auction house in New York for $432,500. In this workshop you get to play the adversarial part in an iterative sequence which subverts Google’s Image Search algorithm to create new, unexpected images. Follow the link for instructions, its free fun and easy.

A View From Nottingham Contemporary
Inspired by Denzil Forrester’s technique of capturing sketches through quick sketches, NC is inviting visitors to submit drawings on their website or post using #ncmaking

New Art Exchange: Create your own sketch book
You will need: A5 envelopes with windows, needle & thread, and help from an adult!

Do Think Share: 64 Million Artists – Create To Connect Workshops
Two weeks of mini creative challenges to keep us doing, thinking and sharing at home. Share your work on social media using #CreateToConnect, in Whatsapp groups, with your colleagues, friends, family, neighbours – or simply keep your own creativity journal. People take part in challenges in all sorts of ways, and everyone is doing it right. Let’s go!

Artsy: 10 University Classes You Can Take At A Distance
The world of MOOCs (short for “massive open online courses”) is a booming one, featuring more than 10,000 online courses listed by 800 different universities. Many are free, and even more are self-paced—allowing you to take classes at your own convenience—meaning it’s never been easier to go back to school.

We Are Nonsuch: Creative Quarantine
Creative Quarantine is a daily email of creative activities and adventures for people young and old to do in their own home. Led by a group of artists and creatives who’ve been sent home because of the coronavirus, like most of the country, we want to test what’s possible, have fun and connect with people across the world. So whilst we’re all inside our homes, let’s be as creative as possible!


Attenborough Arts Centre: Creative Distancing Group
A new Facebook group ‘Attenborough Arts Creative Distancing’ was created as a place to keep AAC community and beyond creatively engaged. Watch out for some upcoming space themed challenges.

ArtsProfessional: #CovidCulture
Advice on Streaming and live chats Thursdays at 10:30 hear from arts sector experts on business law and more.

LU Arts: Creative Distancing
With new social-distancing measures in place let’s do what we can to ease this difficult time to  keep being creative and inspired whilst staying in! This group has been set up with the aim of combatting some of the negative effects of self-isolation and social-distancing; through creativity, providing a shared, social space for the community to stay connected through creative ideas, resources and projects during a difficult time

Online Exhibitions

Attenborough Arts: Reasonable Adjustment Virtual Exhibition
A virtual gallery tour of the artefacts from the disabled activist group ‘Reasonable Adjustment’ (RAD), who in the late 80s fought Margaret Thatcher’s right-wing government, and an oppressive medical establishment to gain rights is accessible. From 27 March.

Modern Painters New Decorators: “The Good Life”
‘The Good Life’ is an exhibition about community spaces. Recently football pitches are closed, updates from churches that are going online and advice that we shouldn’t visit pubs. When so much of what we do is rooted in and around community, it’s hard to make sense of times like these. During the development of ‘The Good Life’ MPND threw around the phrase ‘radically optimistic’. They said that it was a ‘naive’ show, but that there was something to reclaim in that word.

ArtRabbit: List of Virtual Exhibitions
While museums and galleries across the world are temporarily closed to protect society’s most vulnerable, the rest of the art-hungry world can attend virtual art tours, learn from free online courses and explore museum archives offered by various international institutions. What will you learn during quarantine? Read on to experience some of the best art you can lap up in the throes of self-isolation, and get a healthy dose of culture without ever leaving your bedroom.


Meet The Studio Holders
#1 Photographer Alex Hyde
Whether in a rainforest or his back garden, Alex can usually be found crawling around in the undergrowth, peering under stones in search of those smaller creatures that so often get overlooked. Frequently working with moving subjects smaller than a grain of rice, Alex has established himself as an expert in macro photography. By understanding the behaviour of his subjects, he is able to capture intimate portraits of spiders, insects and other invertebrates in their natural habitats.

Backlit Throwbacks
During this quarantine period, BACKLIT are taking a dive into the archives. Wach week, they’ll share a  BACKLIT throwback starting with the documentary film that was screened at their 10th-anniversary exhibition. Essential viewing for anyone interested in how an artist-led space is born. Expect dust (lots of it), drama, laughter and a few tears.