The Start of Something: The Generator

After a dynamic launch weekend in October 2016, progress continues for The Generator with funding secured enabling bigger bids to be submitted and survey work to begin. They will be reflecting on their progress our open platform for The Start of Something at QUAD in Derby on 28th April.

About The Generator

The Generator, is found at 12 Frederick Street in Loughborough. Formerly the site of the first British Technical University and then the town’s School of the Arts, The Generator is envisioned as a collaborative enterprise hub with affordable accessible workspace for small and start-up creative businesses, a large gallery and showcasing area and a space offering disadvantaged young people work/enterprise experience with local creative businesses.

Behind the project is a recently-formed organisation, which brings together individuals and partners with a long record and quality reputation of working in the Arts, in business and in the creative industries. Work on bringing The Generator building to life began a number of years ago when Arts Council England supported Charnwood Arts’ bid to make it into a creative community space. Although this proved unsuccessful, the stakeholders have persevered and engaged new partners in an endeavour to make the building useable again.

On 1st and 2nd October 2016, in partnership with Loughborough University’s RADAR programme, the building was temporarily transformed by Rotterdam-based concept architects Stealth into a public space for a programme of discussions, performances, exhibitions and pop-up opportunities for creative artists and businesses to share their work with the wider community. As part of the weekend a conversation was held forThe Start of Something exploring what the future holds for the building and its community.

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The Start of Something is a project which, through conversation, seeks to bring people in the East Midlands together to explore a common goal, share experience and  work collaboratively, ultimately to make things happen. Proposals for new conversations are invited at any time and CVAN EM will consider how it might support a conversation to take place to benefit the widest community and make the greatest difference within the region. Let us know if you would like to propose a topic.