The Start of Something

The Start of Something is a platform for you to explore issues and topics that you’re passionate about.

We invite people working within or with relevance to the East Midlands’ visual sector to propose a conversation that enables a wider group to explore a common goal, share experience and work collaboratively. By supporting these conversations, we hope to encourage people here to envision what they would like to see happen here, for the benefit of artists, organisations and audiences. This could be new networks, projects or opportunities.

We hope The Start of Something will expand the community of interest, encourage collaboration and stimulate ideas, and in doing so will address our aims to:

• engage artists and organisations in tackling common issues resulting in new ways of working and more informed decision making
• support collaborative working across the region leading to new opportunities, new experiences and new networks
• celebrate and promote contemporary arts in the region, from making to presenting.

Proposals for conversations are invited at any time. We will consider how the conversation will benefit the widest community and make the greatest difference within the region. A conversation can take any form, it could be a conference, a walk, a meal, a workshop, whatever you deem the most suitable format for discussion.

If you would like to propose a topic, you can fill in a form and submit it to us for review.

Find out more about The Start of Something and the conversations that we have supported to date.