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Consultation Project with Earthen Lamp

CVAN EM is embarking on a consultation project working with Earthen Lamp to understand the gaps in addressing diversity and representation in the Visual Arts sector in the East Midlands. Earthen Lamp will consult with our own Steering Group members and organisations from across the region, about areas such as:

  • The organisations approach to equity, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)
  • The organisations approach and examples of work with groups/communities
  • The organisations commitment to equality and diversity – beyond compliance
  • The organisations culture of co-production and decision making around programming, commissioning and organisational change
  • Skills, experience and training available to the team around EDI

The consultation project will be invaluable in understanding areas of development for the sector and addressing any gaps that exist. We hope that the findings will be a catalyst for urgent work that addresses inequalities and under-representation in the region’s sector, starting with CVAN EM.

Findings and recommendations will be shared with the participants and more widely via CVAN EM – with the aim of other organisations in the region getting involved in the wider conversation.

Earthen Lamp exists to bring bright thinking to cultural and heritage organisations and creative businesses. What sets us apart is our straight talking approach, our experience, and attitude to tackle any challenge with gusto. We believe that simple ideas and solutions can light up the darkest corners and solve complex issues.

Part of Addressing inequalities and under-representation in the Region’s sector, a Professional Networks Grants project delivered with Art Fund support. The project seeks to establish a firm foundation for CVAN EM to positively impact on public programmes and commissioning in the East Midlands.

Image credit

In Another Place, Mandy Lee Jandrell, in partnership with The Collection, Lincoln, 2018