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1525 TTRPG: Defenders of the Great Oak

From: 27th August 2022 2:00 pm

To: 28th August 2022 5:45 pm

Nottingham Contemporary


Imagine a Nottingham but not as we know it.




Imagine a Nottingham but not as we know it. For centuries, ever since the environmental collapse of the 21st century, the humans of Nottingham have sheltered beneath the protective boughs of the Great Oak. Rumors fly that the surface world is safe now – the rains are clean, the air is fresh, and new life takes root. But someone, or something, is coming. Something big that intends to tear this community apart. Is the surface world safe or does the danger lie within? Can our community survive an ordeal and come out stronger? Will our Defenders prevail? Only through playing can we know the answer.

Combining popular fantasy tabletop game ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ with world-building and cartography game ‘The Quiet Year’, you are invited to join this epic quest. Over the course of a weekend, we will design the future of Nottingham and live amongst this imagined world as defenders of the Great Oak. Conflicts will arise, be resolved, and new threats will grow. The story is not written yet; that is for you to create. The future is ours to shape and mold.

This activity will focus on gameplay, collaborative storytelling, world building, and adventure. Themes include conflict, community/chosen family, and collaboration. Prior to any gameplay, Prue (our facilitator) will run introductions to ensure you feel safe and comfortable – no experience is necessary!



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