Build Your Own 3D World Workshop: With Bruce Asbestos

From: 15th May 2021 10:00 am

To: 15th May 2021 1:00 pm

Modern Painters, New Decorators, Loughborough, UK




Bruce Asbestos is a Nottingham based artist, whose multi-disciplinary practice explores popular culture, folklore and fairy tales. Asbestos’s interest in Japanese, European, and American culture and our collective relationship with commerce incorporates itself in his installation, performance, painting, video games and clothing.

Led by Bruce himself, the online workshop will provide a select number of creatives an opportunity to understand 3D open source software Unreal Engine from an artists perspective. During the workshop, Bruce will demonstrate his own work using the software, and guide participants to create their own journey’s through digital, sculptural worlds.

From this, a web-based community exhibition featuring the outcomes of the workshop, will be created and presented by Modern Painters, New Decorators.

The workshop will run over the course of three hours and will explore an artistic interpretation to using Unreal Engine to create 3D Worlds, demonstrations of how to use the software and an insight into the life of a practicing artist.


General Admission, £16.50 Ticket Fee. Student Admission, £8.50 Ticket Fee.
To claim Student Admission, student’s will need to use the email address connected to their College or University.



To take part in the workshop, participants will need:

– Access to a device, laptop or tablet, to use for Zoom group video calls.

– To be able to download the latest version of ‘Unreal Engine’ software – the Creators License (free).

– To have familiarised yourself with Unreal Engine before attending the workshop, by following these online tutorials:

Installing Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 4 Beginner Tutorial

How to Create Materials in UE4

Introduction to Sound

UE4 Follow The Player

– To have downloaded 3-4 characters/models that appeal to you, to use during the workshop (free).



Open Sauce is an online project by Modern Painters, New Decorators inspiring new skills to create art in any circumstance. The project encourages an energised approach to making, by celebrating the generous nature of digital communities.

Taking place across April and May 2021, the project will be delivered through Modern Painters, New Decorators online platforms and a web-based exhibition as well as ticketed events including: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Workshop, Create Your Own Digital Collage Workshop, Build Your Own 3D World Workshop and Open Sauce, an online talk night.


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