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Exhibition Livestream: ‘Hold Up’ by Lulu Senft

From: 4th March 2021 8:00 pm

To: 4th March 2021 9:00 pm

Modern Painters, New Decorators


An exhibition livestream hosted by Modern Painters, New Decorators presenting Hold Up, an online project by Lulu Senft.




Modern Painters, New Decorators is proud to present Hold Up, an online project by Lulu Senft.

Our exhibition livestream offers the chance to experience a unique, intimate and up-close insight into Lulu’s ceramics and artistic practice. Lovingly produced by film makers Homespun Projects, the livestream will give you exclusive footage of the project, guide you through the exhibition, and share Lulu’s own perspective of the work.

Hold Up explores ideas of support, grief and narrative, focusing on one of Lulu’s primary materials – clay. Lulu’s work is often made up of figures, busts, and faces created using tactile, expressive materials. Alongside behind the scenes footage, stop-motion animation, music and creative writing, the livestream will unpack the exhibition through numerous creative narratives; inviting you to join us from the comforts of your own home.

Lulu Senft is an animation director, modelmaker and illustrator from London. She describes her work as being “mostly character-led”, and loves to tell stories. Lulu recently completed a Ceramics Residency with Collective Matterwhere her body of work for Hold Up was produced.


Hold Up is an online project by Lulu Senft exploring support, grief and narrative, through the use of one of her primary materials – clay.

Taking place across February and March 2021, the project will be delivered through Modern Painters, New Decorators online platforms as well as ticketed events including: an Exhibition Livestream, a Stop-Motion Animation Workshop and Conversations On Ceramics, an online talk night.



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