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In Another Place: participants announced

We were delighted with the response to our call out for applications to take part in our project In Another Place. We received a great selection of vibrant and thoughtful proposals. We can now announce that our panel chose the following organisations to take part:

Between May and July 2018, each organisation will display artwork on a billboard somewhere in the region and deliver a set of outreach activities.They will also be part of a regional project launch and PR campaign. We will develop a set of printed and digital tools to promote and present the entire project.

We are now working with the organisations to pin down the content that they will draw on from their programmes during that period and to identify billboard locations.


In Another Place will present regional organisations and their programmes to new audiences. Through a visually striking showcase of new artworks displayed simultaneously around the region, a region wide programme of outreach and a concerted PR campaign, we hope to entice audiences into regional venues and to test a collaborative approach to regional programming.