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Make.Practice.Perfect: what we heard and saw and did

At our 2017 Annual Event Make.Practice.Perfect. on 24th March at The Collection in Lincoln, we considered how artists make art and maintain an art practice, where they turn for help in the process and practice of making art, if they are looking in the right places and whether they need look at all.

We had a fantastic audience featuring artists, students and academics who discussed how, where and why artists produce art, what the barriers to production are and how they may be overcome through working practices, accessing networks and creating communities, resources. 

Our Document artists Andrew Bracey, Geoff Litherland, Jessica Harby, Kajal Nisha Patel, Tracey Kershaw talked about things that have helped them in their careers, things such as residencies, employment in the arts, DYI activities, creative communities and mentoring. They were joined by contributors Joanne LeeDaniel Sean Kelly, Roma Piotrowska and Conohar Scott who explored what prevents practitioners from acting and making progress: procrastination, doubt and lack of resources, as well as what can help them move forward in their practices: peer support, productive relationships, collaboration, audiences and engagement.

In the morning session Joanne Lee – artist, academic, writer and publisher – talked about procrastination and what stops us from making art.

She was followed by Daniel Sean Kelly – artist and co-director of Two Queens gallery and studios, Leicester – who explored the notion of whether an artist needs a formal art education.

In small groups participants discussed the barriers to making and the challenges they encounter. These were then discussed as a whole group, before a much needed lunch break!

After lunch Conohar Scott – artist and academic – explored the notion of using art for change and collaborative working practices.

And finally Roma Piotrowska – Exhibitions Manager, Ikon Gallery – talked about useful art, user generated content and socially engaged practice.

Participants left with much food for thought, new connections and ideas to put into practice.

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