An Open Call To All Women – Shifting Terrain

The Residency

Melitta Nemeth, Winner of the Stand Up 2020 prize will co-curate and feature alongside two selected women artists in this upcoming exhibition at Artcore Gallery.

Shifting Terrain – Invites all women creatives to apply, responding to the gallery as a space for contact and exchange with each other and the audience to create encounters that result in new, unexpected and unpredictable outcomes.

We hope this residency will act as a testing ground for diverse practitioners and practices, embracing difference and avoiding homogenization to explore new territories, possibilities for future exchange and ways of being with each other.

With concerns of crisis, conflict and climate encircling our lives many people look toward building new and adapting old structures to respond with urgency and find better ways of living together, implementing care for each other and the planet. We are interested in exploring these possibilities by recognising the multiplicity of women as a power and embracing difference to connect with and respond to each other, the wider community and the environment.

Through creative practice and exchange, selected applicants will be encouraged to open discussions and seek to re-imagine ideas of possible utopias – not as an idealised goal or dreamlike state but to see what is missing to us now and how we can invent new ways of moving towards utopia as an ongoing, shifting terrain of interconnection.

Stand Up – was an open call exhibition and competition organised for International Women’s Day 2020. Stand up explored the political structure of feminism as well as women impacted by the movement an introspective into what it meant, means and will mean to be a woman.

About Artcore  Artcore is an international centre for contemporary art and creativity based in Derby, UK, and is home to Artcore Gallery and Community Hub as well as a shop and café. A vibrant centre for commissioning, production, presentation and debate, we offer opportunities for diverse audiences to engage directly with creative practices through participation and discussion. Artcore believes that contemporary art and creativity are central to the development of people and places. We have an extensive exhibition and residency programme which helps support early, mid-career and established artists to create work which deals with pressing social, political and environmental issues.

Artcore Residencies, Artists’ residencies are central to Artcore’s work. We support and promote the work of contemporary artists and makers at all stages of their development and aim to use art to bring about positive change to the lives of people of every age, ability and background. Our residencies are shared with our audiences through exhibitions, screenings, talks and events.

Our Location Derby has a developing visual arts culture, with nearby galleries at QUAD and Derby Museums as well as wider cultural organisations and independent spaces across the city as well as the University of Derby, School of Arts. Artcore has hosted two annual Visual Arts Summits and is a leading organisation in supporting the development of the visual arts ecology of Derby. The residency will take place at our Cabin on Osnabruck Square neighbouring Artcore Gallery.


We will choose two artists based on their portfolio, strengths of their application and relevant links to this open call. We welcome creatives working in all visual art mediums to apply including; performance, creative research and installation.

All applicants will be considered and two will be selected to take part in a joint residency at Artcore Cabin on Osnabruck Square for one month the residency will take place from 27 June to 29th July, Resulting in a group exhibition with Melitta Nemeth at Artcore Gallery from 12 August to 9th September.

This open call is inclusive of All Women. We encourage applications from those who are currently underrepresented in the cultural sector including: Black and POC artists, individuals with disabilities, long-term health conditions, those who have not engaged in formal arts education, are from lower socio-economic backgrounds or facing intersecting cultural or social barriers.

We are offering each artist:

  • An Artist bursary of £1,000 to produce work for exhibition at Artcore Gallery and on-line assets
  • An Artist blog and digital platform throughout the residency to share the progress of the work
  • Residency space at Artcore Cabin
  • A chance to deliver artist talks at Artcore Gallery and online
  • A chance to collaborate with curators on Artcore’s ‘Radical Reading Group’ (to accompany the exhibition)
  • Mentoring and curatorial support throughout the residency
  • A catalogue – both digital and physical
  • Publicity and marketing support
  • Onsite Exhibition at our Gallery

Start Date

18th April 2022

Closing Date

31st May 2022