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Reassessing the Impacts of the Pandemic

In May 2020, at the emergence of the pandemic, CVAN, along with Artists’ Union England, a-n The Artists Information Company, Artquest, AxisWeb, Curator Space, DACS, Engage, and Guild, which you may have taken part in.

The outcomes of this survey helped feed into ongoing lobbying work, and exposed the real life impact on individuals. CVAN and the Visual Arts Alliance is committed to protecting the livelihoods of artists and freelance art workers and are again reaching out to visual arts workers, in a follow up survey, to see what the long term implications of the pandemic has been.

The data gathered will advocate and lobby for further investment and funding for independent practitioners. A particular case will be made to the Government as part of a Comprehensive Spending Review where three years of the budget is allocated.

The information provided is critical and fundamental to placing artists and independent art workers first in the next phase of recovering from the Pandemic.

The survey will take approximately 10-12 minutes, and the deadline to complete the survey is 31st August 2021. Please share this survey and information widely with your colleagues and networks, and please also participate if possible. Your support is critical.

The survey can be accessed here.

The survey is funded by CVAN Contemporary Visual Arts Network England, Artquest, Red Eye – The Photography Network, and Visual Arts Group Wales. Further in-kind support from a-n, The Artist Information Company and distributed by the Visual Arts Alliance of sector support organisations.

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Future Proof Symposium VASW, 2019 ©Chelsey Cliff