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Remote Roundup 4th – 10th May 2020

Online Exhibitions & Content

Phoenix Arts Centre
As a counter to the hyper-productivity of the post-post-internet world, Downtime virtually embodies the experience of ASMR into an interactive Realtime environment. Simulating a tranquil digital landscape, filled with calming digital artefacts, the user navigates via their computer arrow keys to explore the aimless world and discover aural sensations.The viewer is immersed in a lush landscape of sculpted pink sand dunes, that stretch as far as the eye can see. As they explore the space, they will discover various digital forms that each emit a unique ASMR inspired sound effect. Downtime acts a virtual sanctuary, a safe space to indulge in idleness. ‘Downtime’ is the opposite of productivity online, stripping out the endless windows, ads and notifications to create a virtual space to unwind and to disconnect.

ARTIST TALK: In Conversation with Rachel Duckhouse. Free & Online!
Leicester Print Workshop
In Conversation is our FREE series of talks with LPW artists, as they discuss their ideas, inspirations and challenges as practicing artists. Lockdown has meant that we have had to suspend our current programme, but it has given us an opportunity to invite artists that normally wouldn’t be able to take part to join us for a digital version of In Conversation. Rachel Duckhouse is a Glasgow based visual artist working primarily in drawing and printmaking. She works on research based projects to explore patterns, structures and repeated rhythms found in all sorts of contexts, including landscape, architecture, the flow of water and biological systems. She always begins with sketchbook drawings which often culminate in process led experiments in the print workshop.

AEL Community – FREE family Wednesday Crafternoon Art Sessions on ZOOM to your Living Room!
Wednesday Crafternoon Art Sessions on online video are FREE all the family!  Wednesday’s 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th May 1pm-2.30pm.  Over May artist Connie Burley will be teaching you how to make a puppet show with things you can find around your house.  In order for you to be invited to this course you need to fill in the quick form below. We will then be in touch with a materials list and ZOOM login details before the course start date.

Surface Gallery
30 new artists from around the world have joined the exhibition. Visit https://www.surfacegallery.org/dotdot-dash-gallery to see the show, featuring artworks by artists exploring contemporary mark-making through lines, dots, marks, patterns and more. Refresh the exhibition page and the artworks will be reordered, giving a new insight. ⚬Dot⚬Dot-Dash is an ongoing exhibition you can still enter. New artworks are uploaded every Friday, the longer it goes on the bigger the show will get. with new connections between artworks being created. To enter visit: https://www.surfacegallery.org/dotdot-dash-take-part

V21 FORMAT Festival
QUAD Derby x Format
Each week QUAD’lll be highlighting one of our past exhibitions that have been immaculately preserved in digital 3D by the wizards at V21 Artspace. This week, they’ll be travelling back to the not-so-distant past of 2019 to explore FORMAT Festival exhibitions that took place at over 20 venues in Derby and across The Midlands. FORMAT is the UK’s leading international contemporary festival of photography and related media. It organises a year round programme of international commissions, open calls, residencies, conferences and collaborations in the UK and Internationally and welcomes over 100,000 visitors from all over the world to its biennale editions.

Activities and Workshops

Isolated Moments: The Unsound House
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
The inspiration for this work came in winter, looking sideways across a frozen lake. The sky was lumpy and white as a mouthful of marshmallows; later it would snow. The lake was another white, pitted by raindrops and the three cornered arrows of geese feet. Mallards waddled down the dark banks of the lake. A swan shuffled through the brittle reeds. The moors were grey and white, lichen covered dry stone walls topped with hard hats of snow. Sheep, yellow white, moved slowly. The ice lay on the lake in large, overlapping slabs. And all the trees, black wet and dripping icicles, jangled in the wind. I thought about the black water and the white sky and all the things that lived in and amongst and between the vastness.

Open Play Online Worksheet
Leicester Gallery
Welcome to Open Play activity sheet called Nests, it’s inspired by our first ever Open Play at Leicester Gallery in July 2019. Who remembers this fun session? It’s fun to explore different materials, colours and textures by building a cosy nest. Nests can be made of fuzzy blankets, silky scarfs, soft towels, crinkly tissue paper and woolly jumpers. Place them in a circle with your little on in the middle, encourage them to touch, hold and crawl over the materials.

#LPWathome – Layered Space inspired printmaking to try at home
Leicester Print Workshop
LPW have put together some fun activities to try at home, inspired by the work of Glasgow-based artist Rachel Duckhouse, whose work is featured in their current exhibition, Layered Space.

Online Learning
The Usher Gallery
Over the next few weeks you will find a range of activities in the following topic areas from our work at The Collection Museum and Usher Gallery. These include Dinosaurs & Fossils, Prehistory, Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Creative Arts. We will number them in each category so you will know which ones you have done already. Go for it.


Meet the studio holders: Peter Knight Painter & Printmaker
Haarlem Artspace
Peters work follows a broad fine art practice including, painting, printmaking, bookarts and letterpress. Reference to landscape, history and the geology and experience of place.

The Old Lock Up Gallery
Artist in focus: Louisa Boyd

Spotlight✨Week 4 Julia Cheng
Mansions of the Future
MotF would like to say a massive thank you to this week’s spotlight collaborator, Julia Cheng. A prolific creative director of company @HouseOfAbsolute Julia Cheng will be hosting a Movement Masterclass in Lincoln later this year. A choreographer, performer and teacher, @juliachenghoa has extensive expertise in multidisciplinary dance and self-produced work. Julia is scheduled to run a masterclass on Thursday 27 August 2020, 5pm—7pm, exploring movement language, self-dialogue, power dynamics of the body and awareness of how we present ourselves both internally and to the outside world. Check MotF website  for more information, they’ll be taking bookings for upcoming events when MotF reopens. https://twitter.com/Mansions_Future

Mark Titchner
BACKLIT reached into the  archive again today and pulled out this screen printed poster for turner-prize nominee Mark Titchner’s show ‘DISCLOSURE’, from June 2009. Mark Titchner and BACKLIT presented this multi-site project along with Broadway Cinema and speakers from Nottingham Contemporary and The Nottingham Trent University. The work documented the internal dialogue of an individual attempting to liberate themselves from the past or the act of “giving birth to oneself”. Titchner’s video work was comprised of a dual synchronised glass projection, presented as a stream of scrolling text, which was displayed in the windows of Broadway Cinema. The work illustrated an open admission from the artist of his dissatisfaction and frustration with past actions and opinions and his hopes for the future. #BACKLITthrowback

Networking & Reading Groups


The Book of Pleasure Reading Group
Chaos Magic Backlit
CM’s weekly reading group ‘ORIGINS’ is at 5pm today, where we will be finishing the text ‘The Book of Pleasure’ by Austin Osman Spare, the forefather of ‘Chaos Magic’.
Join here from 5pm: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/79844239424