Remote Roundup 8th February – 14th February 2021

Ending 13th February:

Leicester Print Workshop, Small Print International 6

For our sixth edition, artists were invited to create work inspired by the first Aerogramme, which was introduced into the Iraqi postal service in 1933 by the Inspector General of Posts and Telegraphs.

For many years, the aerogramme remained the cheapest form of international communication, and people often went to extreme lengths to make the best use of the space available, including writing in different colours, in different directions, and printing directly onto the aerogrammes. Self-adhesive strips along the edges of the paper allowed it to be folded and sealed, and therefore private, without the added weight of an envelope.

Continuing Exhibition:

Déda, Derby, Days Like These Visual Arts Exhibition

Days Like These presented by Moira Baumbach, Allan Green, Stuart Reid, David Manley and Sarah R Key

Five artist friends gathered together by ‘Zoom’ and created an exhibition in ‘Lockdown 1’, initially shown in Lyme Regis, Dorset during the all too brief interlude before L2.0 and now in Derby. David Manley and Sarah R Key are based locally whilst Allan Green and Moira Baumbach are based near the Jurassic Coast. Stuart Reid hails from East London (although he too spends time in Dorset) as well as Spain. The works shown dwell on land and seascapes, environmental issues and poetic imaginings encompassing painting, drawing and print. A kind of yearning after a post-lockdown world in which these images places and ideas are easily available to us all is a central theme to the exhibition.

Continuing Exhibition:

Rooftop Arts Centre, Corby, To Portray or To Portrait

A brand new group exhibition featuring artworks inspired by the theme of self-reflection and our way of portraying the world. Artists of all ages and abilities have submitted work to make this an interesting show. Featuring a variety of media as well as a combination of human portraits, animals, and diverse ways we see the world through painting, sculpture, craft, and many more.

Event, 14th February:

LU Arts, Loughborough, Self-Care Sundays: Ceramics workshop with Alice’s Palaces

Relax and get creative making your own clay cup or spoon.

Take some time out for yourself and join Alice Peake for an online ceramics workshop. You’ll start by learning how to handle, roll and mark/add texture to the clay before moving on to form the clay into cups or spoons. You’ll then be shown how to add finishing touches to your piece.